About Data360

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Our Mission

Data 360, a division of Collaborative Marketing Solutions, provides healthcare data for a meaningful and efficient reach. As the #1 leader in delivering unique and actionable insights, we are committed to creating a comprehensive database that results in the right targets being reached, every time!

Our senior management team has over 20 years experience on the database management and digital marketing side across our 3 key practice areas: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical – Consumer – Business -Business Solutions.

Our strength is in leveraging our IP (Intellectual Property) in the development of proprietary niche databases that are both opted-in and based off of Individual Self-Reported Information.

Data Solutions that are built around Self-Reported Information rather than Modeled Information or Aggregated Information are intrinsically more accurate. What this means for our partners is our ability to produce more cost-effective multi-channel solutions that drive our partners ROI.

Data360 creates a people-centric approach to understanding and engaging audiences across all media channels, both online as well as offline.

Data360 helps marketers transform target audiences to people. For over 20 years we have been uncovering and adding new business insights and analysis to unique data sets in order to be able to create new value for our partners.


Target the Individual

We create value by uncovering new unique data attributes of each individual and linking those attributes to our proprietary matrix. This allows us to deliver to our partners a 360-degree profile on each individual and so achieve 1-to-1 marketing for greatest impact and engagement.

Strategic Consulting

We provide both Strategic & Digital Consulting to our partners in order to allow them more effectively leverage the data assets from Data360. For our partners, this means we can help you recruit, access, and connect to the right physician and patient every time.

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Let us match targeted prescribers to your programs, while enhancing brand relationships that support the success of future programs.


We use claims-based and behavior-based data that we filter through a team of experienced practice administrators. This approach allows greater access to physicians, their practices, and key stakeholders – yielding better program attendance overall.


Our team collects, vets, and categorizes customized visual resources to build an incredibly clear picture of individual providers. Get the insights you need to connect with the right providers for your programs.