HCP Solutions

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What is Data360?

Brought to you by CMS, the #1 leader in healthcare data with actionable insights, Data360 is the country’s largest privately held database of longitudinal health histories, claims-based and self-reported information, and behavioral intelligence – including U.S. and International data. We have three patents on our data collection process and the highest standard of HIPAA compliance.

Access and connect to:

  • 5M+ Healthcare Providers & Physicians
  • 200M+ Patients & 500M+ Records
  • 60+M Health Histories & 120,000+ Active Investigators
  • 200,000 Influential Professionals in the Life Sciences Industry

We provide our clients with the ability to reach HCPs, Patients, and Industry professionals with a 360-degree profile of each target. Diagnoses, patient populations, HCP data/profiles, ICD9/10 codes, treatment, locations, payers, financials, referrals, outcomes, prescriptions, labs, etc. are just some of the search criteria you have access to. Our powerful analytic and data solutions can be accessed through customized web portals, or reports generated by our team, for your specific analytics and data needs.

Why Data360?

Relationship Marketing (RM) & Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) programs in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry can face limitations due to the incomplete data sets being used to power these initiatives. In fact, RM and CLM programs are only as good as the data used.

This is where Data360 shines – providing complete profile views for each individual physician.

Data360 maximizes the number of unique data attributes both on the demographic, behavioral and claims data side for each individual physician. The increased number of data attributes per each individual physician allows for our partners to truly engage in Content Marketing and drive their ROIs per each individual engagement program.

Data Metrics

Data360 is updated on a real-time basis and covers over 1.5 million unique healthcare providers and physicians across all specialties, including:

  • MD/DO
  • NP
  • PA
  • Pharmacist
  • Psychologist
  • Medical & Diagnostic Labs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospital
  • Health & Wellness Centers
  • Rehab Centers
  • Medical Spas

Physician Affiliation

Data360 uses Tax ID in the United States to map/affiliate each individual Physician to each Hospital and or Medical Practice that they are affiliated with.

Demographic Information

Data360 has over 100+ unique demographic attributes per each individual physician in order to be able to build a 360-degree physician profile. The attributes include but are not limited to:

  • Unique ID
  • Specialty
  • Board Certification
  • Sub Specialty
  • Area of Interest/Focus
  • Medical School
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Practice Affiliation
  • White Space Physician
  • KOL
  • Digital Influencer
  • Early-adopter
  • Tele-medicine
  • Medical Conference
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Claims Data

Channel Touch Points

Data360 has the following touch points available per each physician:

  • Postal Address
  • Telephone
  • Email Address
  • IP Address


Data360 has solicited and obtained the individual permission/consent from each HCP (Healthcare Professional) to use their PII (Personal Identifiable Permission). Each HCP has given their explicit permission/consent for Data360 to use the following:

  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • IP Address
  • Cookie
  • Postal Address

Each HCP provides Data360 their consent by visiting our HCP Registration Portal on our website. It is during this time that we ask each HCP to indicate the vertical (Pharmaceutical/Health-Wellness/Insurance/CME/Publishing/Practice) that they would like to receive information and to indicate their preferred type of information that they would like to receive.